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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I received a call today from our agency...not "THE CALL," but an exciting one nonetheless! C from our agency called and asked if Joe and I would be interested in being a "guinea pig" in a new region that they have not worked out of yet. She said that Kemerovo City (not Region) has requested dossiers. Kemerovo City is in southern Siberia and is a 4 hour plane ride from Moscow. When I heard this, I was sooooo excited! Joe and I have had our hearts set on Siberia from the beginning of our adoption journey. She said that there is another family whose dossier she is going to send over also, but she is not sure if we would travel at the same time.

With this City, we would receive a referral picture and a little bit of medical...which I was so pumped about because we could have the IA doctor look at the medical and give us her opinion, as apposed to going in blind. The only thing C said was that she didn't know how long the wait would be in between trips.

I was like "Yes, we would LOVE to be guinea pigs for this City!" C said "good, I'll send your dossier over and see what Kemerovo sais." I was soooo excited! I hope that this is where we will finally be registered....and hopefully soon we will get our call we have been waiting for for almost a year now.

If anyone has adopted from Kemerovo City, I would love to hear your experience there!

On a different note, GO PENGUINS!!!!!!! we will be sitting in front of the t.v. at 8:00 tonight, with our "TERRIBLE TOWELS" cheering on the Pittsburgh Penguins who are playing the Detroit Red Wings for the Stanley Cup. GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!

Renae and Joe