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brother and sister 2010

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Joe and I went to our County Department of Health to get our vaccinations. The doctor there recommended the Hep A/B series, Typhoid and DPT for the region we were, that's what we got. The shots did not hurt at all! Joe and I both were so surprised how smoothly it went. We did feel a little sore the next couple of days, but nothing serious. We have to go back for one more in a month...the second Hep A/B vaccine.

I called our insurance carrier BCBS of New Jersey and explained our situation and they said that "yes, you are covered up to $500 each." I was sooo excited to hear this because these shots, when added up, are NOT cheap!

We are now taking Wendy's (who just traveled to Kras on their first trip) advice and finding a travel agent now so that we know WHO to call when we get "The Call."

She also recommended getting a storage bin and putting things aside for the trip so it's less you have to stress about later. So, I went to target got a bin and already started to fill it with a few necessary items. Thanks Wendy for the good advice!

We are still up in the air with the IA doctors...I'll let you know when we decide. They are BOTH supposed to be so good.

Hopefully we will all start to get some good news now that the Russian Holiday is over.

Take care,

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I have been keeping up with quite a few of my favorite adoption blogs (Carey and Norman, Becky and Keith, Carrie and Michael, Troy and Rachel...just to name a few) and have even talked with them via e-mail. I SWORE that one day I would actually sit down and learn how to put together a blog myself and today I finally did it! Better late than never! I know it is going to be a bit of a mess at first, so please be patient with me.

My husband Joe and I had our dossier sent to Russia on July 13, 2007. We originally picked Tver for our region, but switched to Krasnoyarsk (Abakan) in November. We requested a girl up to 18 months of age. We were sooooo excited to get the news before Christmas that CHI was accredited.....what a Christmas present for all of us who are waiting!!!!!

Joe and I are getting our Hep, DPT and Typhoid vaccines on Thursday. I hope there not too bad, I hate shots!

We also are up in the air between two IA doctors: Dr. Jane Aronson, New York and Dr. AllaGordina, East Brunswick, New Jersey. Both Doctors were highly recommended. I'll let you know later what our decision was.

Congratulations to everyone who recently received their referrals!