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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Our home study expired April 4th and I was a nervous wreck because our home study agency said that they would not be done with the updated home study until the 11th. So, I picked up the updated home study, drove to Trenton to get it apostilled and then off to CHI on Monday. Our coordinator, A, at CHI said she sent the updated home study, along with registration paperwork for Krasnoyarsk, to Russia on Wednesday...whew!!! What a relief to have that taken care of.

We really just have to wait to hear about being registered and then an anticipated wait for our baby girl referral. I get a little nervous with some of the news letters that come out every Friday regarding updates on the Russian adoption. The one that just came out this past Friday from Ludmilla (Moscow) stated that the Russian families actually are waiting in line also for baby girls, and that when there is a girl given out for referral internationally, it is most likely one that the Russian families have passed up, most often because of medical conditions. Now, this makes me a little nervous. I'm going to have to call A at CHI to ask exactly what this means for us. Does this mean that we would possibly get a referral for a baby girl that has some sort of medical problems? I really don't think CHI would try to match a family up with a rerral that does not match what was requested by the family. Still, these kind of things can make you a little nervous.

Congratulations to every one of my blog friends who have been on their first and second trips! I get so excited for you all, and hope you are on cloud nine with your little ones!

So for now, we just patiently wait for our call to go and meet our daughter.

Take Care,
Renae and Joe