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brother and sister 2010

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well, we are just about finished with "O's" room...we just have to find a door knob for her door and we are done!(for now anyway-ha-ha). My sister and I went to a few antique stores in Point Pleasant and found this really cute furniture. We also found really cute "shabby chic" curtains at target....I LOVE their shabby chic collection!

We just have 2 more weeks left before we leave for Russia again....we can't WAIT!!!

Renae and Joe

Friday, November 21, 2008


Yeaaaaaah! FINALLY we received our court date today! It will be Wednesday, December 17th. Joe and I will probably leave on Sunday the 14th (3 weeks and 2 days!)in order to be in Kaluga on Monday, visit Olivia for a couple days, have court on Wednesday and then home again on Thursday (unless of course we get REALLY lucky and have our 10 days waived which is kind of rare in Kaluga). In that case, we wouldn't have to come home and wait out the 10 days that they make you wait after court in order to get custody of your child, we would be able to have custody of her right away and stay in Russia.

We will keep everyone updated!

Renae and Joe

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I want to thank my mom and sister for throwing me a BEAUTIFUL baby shower last Sunday! Joe took me out in the morning, and I came home to a house full of family and friends. I want to thank everyone once again for all of the gifts that you bought for Olivia (she will LOVE them all!) and for being there to share this VERY special occasion with us. We are so proud to have a loving and supportive family like we have and to be surrounded by a great group of friends....we are SURE Olivia will feel the same way!

Below are a few more pictures of the shower. My mother made the BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS cake and my sister and mother both made the little purse favors filled with chocolates that have the Olivia Reese tags on them.....SO cute!!!! Thank you also to my sister-in-laws, and mother-in-law for coming early to help out with everything....I love you all!

Now that we got just about EVERYTHING that we need, we will anxiously wait for our court date!