brother and sister 2009

brother and sister 2010

brother and sister 2010

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Olivia had alot of fun dying her Easter eggs....and she only had ONE big spill! Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL easter!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We are SO ready for the summer to come. Olivia has even been wearing her life vest around the house so we can get her used to it...she seems to really LIKE wearing it. We can't WAIT to see how she likes the water and being on the boat...should be fun to watch!

She is doing REALLY well, although she's sick right now with a cold and off-and-on fever. Other than that, she's seems to be a happy girl. She is SO friendly and LOVES giving kisses. We just love her personality!

We have been getting her out more lately and have been having alot of family visits. She even attended her "first" wedding. Joe's sister got married and rented a whole bed and breakfast near the beach in Spring Lake and Olivia had all of her cousins to run around with. She had a BLAST! I posted a picture of her in her little pink dress. Joe and I are going to take her sometime this week to get her picture taken with the Easter bunny.

I'll try to keep up a little better with my posts!