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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hi everyone,

I know I haven't kept you updated lately, but we have been VERY busy. Yes, busy trying to pull together a whole NEW dossier. Joe and I have decided to switch agencies! We just didn't feel like we were getting anywhere at CHI and decided to make the change to a smaller agency, who seems to have a very good reputation.

We signed the contract with the new agency and I pulled together our new dossier and had it sent to them in 2 weeks. Russia received our documents on Sunday and it will take a couple of weeks to translate them.

Our new agency mostly works out of the Moscow Region and St. Petersburg. The timeline they gave us for a referral is 6-12 months (could be more...could be less). As you all know by now, girl referrals take longer. As for now, we wait to be invited to Russia when a little girl is available for us to go and meet.

Joe and I both feel confident about switching agencies, although it WAS very stressful. I felt like we were starting all over, but once I got our dossier in and it was sent to Russia, the change felt good. Hopefully in a couple of months we will get our call we have been waiting for for almost 11 months now. We cannot WAIT to bring a little girl into our family.

So, after all of the stress of switching agencies and putting together a new dossier, my husband wisked me away to the Florida keys. It was 90 degrees and beautiful....not to mention, we caught ALOT of dolphin on the Charter boat that we went out on.

Once again, I have to congratulate my son Michael for getting all A's his final semester. I couldn't be more proud of him! He will be a Junior in college next year, I can't believe how fast it has gone.

good night for now,

Renae and Joe