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brother and sister 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


First off, I would like to congratulate my son Michael for getting inducted into the National Honor Society at Monmouth University! He is graduating this year and we are hoping he continues on one more year for his Masters (fingers crossed). He has done AWESOME throughout his college years. He majored in History/Education and has made the Deans list in Honors School most of the time. They had a real nice celebration for the inductees. Congratulations Michael...we are all SO proud of you!

Also, I had everyone down my house for mother's day. My brother-in-law brought tons of DELICIOUS seafood AND he did ALL of the cooking for my mother, sister and I. I posted a picture of him and my sister having fun with the HUGE crab legs!

Olivia is doing so good and will be turning 3 in July. She is going to go to pre-school in September. Doctors say she is growing so well. She is 25 percentile both height and weight. My family just loves to spoil her and she LOVES every minute of it!


Troy and Rachel said...

So glad Olivia is doing well and congratualtions to your son for being in the Honor Society!! Hope you enjoyed those crab legs - they are HUGE!!

Nicole said...

She is getting so big!Hard to believe that both our girls will be 3 in July!!!!