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brother and sister 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010


Well, Olivia started her first year of pre-K. It's early intervention pre-school. She LOVED riding the bus (which picks her up in front of the house) for the first couple of days, but things changed on Friday and she did NOT want to go on the bus OR to school. Today was a REALLY tough morning because she held on to me for dear life and BALLED her eyes out when the bus came this morning. I kept on packing her backpack this morning and she kept UNpacking! So, I decided that I will try to drive her to school so she can adjust a little better and then have her ride the bus home since she is ok coming home on the bus. I even gave her her baby "Lily" to take with her on the bus this morning, but that didn't work either. She left for school and I just came in the house and cried!

Tomorrow is back-to-school night so I am anxious to talk with her teacher to see how she is adjusting in class. She did tell me that she cried the first two days for about 30 minutes and then she was ok. I sure hope she adjusts soon because this is SO emotionally hard! I know alot of kids go through it.

I'm leaving you with a few cute pics of her home from school.

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